Hotel Frankenbach - Mainzer Hof - Gutenberg Hof - in Eltville am Rhein

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Experience Eltville am Rhein! Whether you wander the waterside underneath sycamore trees or explore our rose gardens or if you lose yourself in the small old alleys of the historic town, you will enjoy most relaxing walks. In the shady courtyard of Elector’s castle you will be taken back to mediaeval times.

We also recommend a trip to Eberbach Monastery in Eltville-Hattenheim. It is supposed to be the cradle of the region’s wine culture and offers outstanding historical sights.

After exploring Eltville, you can get excited about the rest of the region: wine festivals, cultural events in well-established wineries as well as the Rheingau Music Festival will make your stay in the region utmost memorable.

If you still have plenty of time left we strongly recommend a trip to the foothills of the Rhine valley. Whether you hike the endless trails or enjoy the valley by cruise – one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany is expecting you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than delighted to assist you in planning your trip.